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The Differences Between Social Media Outlets & How They Can Benefit Your Business

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June 1, 2018
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The Differences Between Social Media Outlets & How They Can Benefit Your Business

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Social media is an evolving platform for information. There are so many social media outlet options and it seems as though more are popping up each day. It’s difficult to know how it will be best for you to use social media to promote your business. In this article, I’ll discuss the top social media options and the benefits of each to your business. 

Breakdown of Social Media Outlets


Facebook is a wonderful tool for the business-to-consumer and, in some cases, business-to-business business.  Users of this social media platform are primarily between 25  and 55 years old and both men and women alike use Facebook.  In March 2018 over 1.45 billion people logged on to Facebook daily so it is safe to say that every business should have a Facebook presence. 


Twitter is best for business-to-consumer as well as some business-to-business businesses. Both men and women use Twitter and the users are somewhat younger falling into the 18 to 30 year old range. Twitter has surely made a come back since our most recent Presidential election. It is useful for relaying information in 280 character or less. This can be an ideal social media outlet to reach consumers and briefly Tweet about your business happenings. 


Instagram is definitely best for business to consumer businesses and is used mostly by women, but that is shifting. The age range of those using this social media platform is 18 to mid-30’s. Instagram is really best is you can relay your message, service or product with a photo.  You want to capture your audience with high-impact images, not stock photos.  This is a great option for creativity and for grabbing that visual customer. It’s also owned by Facebook and has similar features so it is very user friendly.


LinkedIn is an awesome social media outlet for business to business, business to consumer and can be used for employment purposes. It really has a wide range of adult users from 25 to 50, with users being both men and women equally. If you are a business marketing to only to other businesses, LinkedIn should be your main social media focus. Most leaders in businesses are very active on LinkedIn. It’s where business leaders spend there time instead of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Social Media & Marketing Your Business

Understanding which social media platform to use for your business is helpful. Don’t be afraid to use more than one or all of them, or explore the idea of using Pinterest, Snapchat, or YouTube. The professionals at Tandem Marketing & Design can help you decide which social media outlets to use. We can also create posts for your business. It is our business to make your business run more smoothly. Give us a call today at 717-324-8389 to discuss how we can# help you. Or, visit our website anytime to learn more about the services we provide. 










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