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Branding by Productizing

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September 14, 2015
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March 18, 2016

Branding by Productizing

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4 Steps to Productizing Your Services

Productizing a service is the new marketing trend. Productizing is defined as taking a service or product and developing a brand, or, a mission for that product. Explain it, write about it, image the hell out of it, and let the product come to life on the web, and on paper.  Just to brief, we list 4 steps to productizing your services.  Of course, we suggest you hire a professional, like ourselves, to guide you through the process.  

  • Step One—Creating your Name and Imagery

Develop a name for the product. We have several small name exercises that we do with you to come up with just the right name for your product. After the name is established, start designing the logo. Create a color scheme for the product and start developing the imagery to go along with the brand. Define your target audience. Be clear on who your campaign will be projected to.

  • Step Two—Creating the Brand

Begin creating the look of what the market will see about your product. How will the market begin to recognize your product and brand? Begin using your logo on your marketing pieces and make it a branding unit, not a separate entity of your company. Start working it in with your company products as an arsenal to be used in your back pocket for selling.

Get a plan.  Hammer out how you are going to let your audience know about your product.  Put your product on your website, design and create marketing collateral to help with the selling aspect of your plan. At this point, you already had the service that you are creating a product for, you should already know who your target market is.  Now you just have to plan how you are reaching them, either through Email Marketing, Social Marketing, word of mouth to a networking group.   

  • Step Four—Execute Your Campaign

Begin your marketing campaign. Utilize social marketing, email marketing or announcing your new product line to your existing client base. Always try to make your website the hub of “all about your company”. The goal is to drive traffic through your website and cross-sell your existing products through the use of call to actions.


A sedentary campaign will do no good. You have to make it happen. Be aggressive, and utilize the tools available.



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