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Top 10 List of Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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November 11, 2015
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September 2, 2016

Top 10 List of Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

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There are literally thousands of different marketing techniques, ideas, platforms, and opinions, but when you get down to it, don’t you want to know which one makes the most sense, and can capture your customer in the most effective manner?  You may think these ideas really aren’t “marketing”, but they really are the basics of selling your business on a continuous scale.  We are going back to the basics of marketing folks.

  1. Have a plan…when a potential client reaches out, what are you going to say to them? Having a well-rounded plan on capturing potential business will help you close the sale before they know they’ve been sold. It’s been said you have approximately 10 seconds for someone to decide if they are going to listen to what you have to say. By having a pre-rehearsed script in your head to open the conversation, will often be the difference between yes please, or no thank you. 
  2. Know your customer that is walking through your “Proverbial” door.  Let’s face it, we all love hearing our own name, nothing makes you feel better than when you walk into a business and they not only remember you, they know your name, know what you like and possibly can suggest another option for you to try.  Getting to know your customer…now if you have hundreds/thousands, it might be impossible to know all, but get to know the ones that spend money and interact with you and your business.  It’s amazing how common courtesy goes a long way. 
  3. Make eye contact. Not to make things sound too simple, but if you have the opportunity to meet with a potential client, make eye contact…not just a quick look at them, but serious, focused captive eye contact. Have you ever been in a situation where the person you’re working with won’t make eye contact, it’s not only annoying but it really makes you feel like they’re not paying attention and in the long run, don’t really care about you. So, take that little bit of extra attention and make your client feel welcomed and appreciated. Remember, 10 seconds goes by really quickly. 
  4. Manners Matter!  A please and thank you will go along way.  It’s amazing how many people are glued to their phone and forget about social interactions, (and I don’t mean the online type).  A respectful, personal interaction is appreciated beyond belief.  Get your head out of your phone and talk politely:) 
  5. Lead capture, lead capture, lead capture. Gather as much information about them as possible. In marketing and sales, you often need as much as 8 contacts to make a sale. If you are consistent with capturing your clients’ email, telephone, and address, you can “work the sale”. As a society, we are becoming accustomed to giving out our information. You can’t even buy a pack of bubble gum anymore without the clerk asking you for your email address. 
  6. Be a resource and be thorough. (Ok, that’s two so I guess you get one free when you buy ten). When engaging your client to be sure to listen to what they are saying. By being thoughtful enough to take the time to listen, you’ll place confidence in them knowing if they have a question, you’re both willing and able to answer it. You’re a professional in your industry and by making yourself a resource you become valuable to your clients. The next time they need your services they’ll remember all good juicy information you gave them in the past. 
  7. Buy now! Have you ever looked through eBay and skimmed over the auctions that didn’t have a buy it now option. I do it all the time. Know when to sell, and when to close. It can be frustrating for a buyer to continue being sold to when all you want is to pay the bill and move on with your day. Try to find either the tone in their voice or their body language that’s saying, I’m sold, let’s do this…and close the deal, now! 
  8. Ask for a referral. A satisfied customer is a happy customer. Capitalize on your satisfied customer and ask them to refer a friend.  Nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth and when you give a free product or service away for referring new customers to you, you can’t go wrong and everyone wins.  Be true to your word with a referral, everyone is different and has independent needs.  Treat them as such. 
  9. Follow up. It doesn’t take much effort to shoot out an email or make a phone call. Letting your client know you appreciated them gives you a good chance they’ll come back to you, or refer a friend or family. A thank you card goes a long way. 
  10. Build that database and maintain it. It sounds simple but far too many people overlook the simple task of adding customers to their database.  And if they do add to the database they never comb through it and maintain it—purge the ones that aren’t in your circle or don’t want your content.  There isn’t any benefit to having them on your list if they don’t want to hear about your service or product. By consistently building your database and maintaining it, you are in actuality increasing your business’ worth. The simple equation is: more customers means more business.  


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