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Getting Found: An Essential Part of a Website

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Buying Power has Shifted
July 28, 2015
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The Importance of a Website
August 25, 2015

Getting Found: An Essential Part of a Website

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Getting Found

SEO is absolutely necessary to get found on the internet, it’s really an essential part of your website marketing.  We talk about a lot of “musts” when you have a website, but really SEO is crucial!  A website strategy is key when you want to be recognized, drive traffic through your website and start your sales funnel process.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s hard work, and sometimes, you just don’t have time for it.  Everyday struggles creep in and you find yourself putting your website marketing strategy as an “I’ll do it later” item, we know, we’ve been there.  Gone are the days, when we could rely on just word of mouth advertising, just gone.  So it’s time to step up your game and get started with organic SEO.

Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone

Non-paid search engine rankings are hard work, but O’ so worth it when you become a resource in your field.  A place where your target audience channels to find inspiration from your photographs, videos, and how-tos.  When your customers can say, “go to they will help you”, you know all that blog posting you’ve been doing and all those projects that you started writing about are really making some headway with bringing another customer through your door (website or brick and mortar).  You’ve now become a resource that people can depend on with consistent information.  You have the answer to their problem.   That’s really the goal, help your customers, solve a problem, make their life easier. Guess what? Your efforts are “Getting Found”.

The Bandwagon

So now that you are on our bandwagon to getting noticed on the world wide web, here are 3 little tips that you need to do to get noticed:

  1. Write relevant content pertaining to your industry (We know it’s hard, but you can do it!)
  2. Create Videos, post and share them (It’s alright, you got this!)
  3. Reach out and engage on your social networks (Step out of your comfort zone, it’s alright, we are here if you need us!)


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