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The Importance of a Website

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Getting Found: An Essential Part of a Website
July 29, 2015
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September 2, 2015

The Importance of a Website

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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 The importance of a website


I just spent an hour on the phone with a long-time client and friend, Ken Brown, President and CEO of MKT Metal Manufacturing in York Pa, explaining the importance of a website and how it has changed since we started working together quite a few years back.  Periodically I get forwarded emails from him with questions like, “Do you know this?”, “You on it?”… he’s referring to different email promotions he receives and sends to me.  His latest was about Google Updating their search algorithm for mobile-friendliness to websites, which happened in April.  Yep, we’re on it!


Our phone calls are normally based on bouncing ideas back and forth to see if any of them stick but he started today’s conversation with, “How the hell do you keep up with everything?”, my answer…a lot of research, a lot of testing the waters, and a lot of time strategizing on modern trends for our clients. Every client’s needs are different, and they all want the same result, closed sales.  A good place to start is optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like. Whether it’s for mobile-friendliness or search engine optimization, both are necessary to actively track and report your website and social analytics so you can get trackable results on your investment.


Times change, simple fact.  

Then, versus now is completely different.  A few years back, a website just sat there to look pretty (if that was even possible). Now, it’s purpose is to earn you money.  It’s a user friendly, interactive experience with all the bells and whistles attached to it.  It takes more than one expert to maintain the “behind the scenes” activity. Now, more than ever, a website not only has to “look pretty”, and by pretty we mean, clean, professional and simple to use and navigate, it also has the purpose to turn visitors, into paying customers. There are many elements to consider with a website, ie., content, both organic and paid SEO, social presence, and yes, even the vulnerability of putting your name and company out there for people to critique.  That’s par for the course now-a-days.   


So let’s start getting you on the track for an optimized website.


Here’s how to start:


First—your site needs to be on an content management system that is easily changed frequently—so you can update your site according to your industry needs and trends.  


Second—Content is King.  Updating your website means actually putting different content on your site.  Yes, it’s time consuming, however, it’s absolutely necessary to stay current…simply make a schedule, and stick to it.


Third—Don’t feel overwhelmed. Consider hiring a professional. In many cases, the time you’ll spend to figure it out on your own will cost you more than hiring someone who does it everyday. Call on us, we can help:)


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