How to Get the Return on Investment (ROI) You Deserve with Your Marketing Plan

How to Get the Return on Investment (ROI) You Deserve with Your Marketing Plan

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How to Get the Return on Investment (ROI) You Deserve with Your Marketing Plan


Marketing is so much more than sales and promotions, but how do you use this complicated piece of business strategy to see the return on investment (ROI) you deserve? Read on to learn how to use marketing tactics to better your business and your bottom line.

Marketing Tactics that are Proven to have a Good ROI

There are two ways to promote your business that do not necessarily cost you any money. Now, I’ve got your attention! What are they? Networking and public speaking are important and can be free. Sure, you can pay to join a networking group where you will mingle with other professionals and practice public speaking as well, which is helpful, but you can also network throughout the day while going about your business and offer to speak at events. You will want to be mindful about being sincere and appropriate. I don’t think I need to tell you that people are put off by pushy salespeople.

Social media is another cost effective way to spread the word about the goods or services you provide. Most of the population checks in with social media on the hour. Our culture is consumed with it, so why not take advantage and utilize this way of communicating with potential customers. It is as simple as creating a brief post about your services or perhaps a photo of a recent project. There are also ways to have your social media message seen frequently by a targeted audience. Using social media does not require much time or money. Using social media really will get a good ROI.

Don’t count a good website out as a great way to get a ROI that might surprise you. A website that is interactive and offers all the right information is priceless. It will draw in more customers, help you boost your database, and make your phone ring or fill your email inbox. I’m not over exaggerating. A good website is one of your best investments. Hire a professional where your website is concerned. They will use search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation, as well as blog posts to keep you high up on the Google search. An effective website leads to a beefy database which allows you to utilize another great marketing tool…email marketing. Again, you will need the direction of a professional, in most cases, but an email marketing campaign will cost you very little and you will see a great ROI.

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