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September 2, 2016
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#IAm #Aevidum

#IAm #aevidum

I Am Enough

Tandem Marketing & Design, LLC has the pleasure to sponsor a picture booth at Eastern York Middle School at an upcoming Fun Knight. It’s not your typical picture booth…it’s for the Aevidum Club. Aevidum shatters the silence that surrounds depression, suicide, and other issues facing youth.  The club strives to create healthy communities where everyone feels accepted, appreciated, acknowledged and cared for in the middle school.

We want to fill the middle school with positive messages about their student body. We are calling it, “#IAm Initiative“. Our purpose is to create a positive message with the students, “I Am_______”.

In a nutshell, we will have 3 things going on in our “#IAm” booth.

Tandem Marketing & Design, LLC will be taking pictures of a student holding a whiteboard with “I Am” printed on it….they fill in the blank…

Only positive words, please! “I Am a Leader”, “I Am Strong”, “I Am Loyal”, “I am a Friend”, “I am powerful”, “I am Intelligent”, “I am beautiful”, “I am happy”, “I am grateful”, “I am enough”, the list can go and on. We want to fill the middle school with positive messages about their student body. We plan to print them out and hang them up in the school!

We will also have large poster boards with #IAM and #Aevidum printed on them. The “word” the student used will go on the poster board. We will have these boards on display.

We will also snap a Polaroid (old-school), as a keepsake for the kids and give them a Polaroid of their “I Am”. We are really excited to spread a positive word to Eastern York Middle School!

You can show your support by opening up the dialogue to your child or young student about mental health and mental illness. Children can feel more comfortable speaking up when they’re struggling. As a community, we can get them the help they need as soon as they need it and help them feel less alone. Our hope is that everyone knows the word Aevidum, but more importantly that everyone knows that someone cares about them.

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