Men vs Women: Who has the Better Sales Strategy?

Men vs Women: Who has the Better Sales Strategy?

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Men vs Women: Who has the Better Sales Strategy?

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I got your attention with this sales strategy topic, didn’t I? It might seem as though the answer is cut and dry, but read on to discover what is revealed in research. Who will it be men or women?

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that we can’t clump all men or all women into one category or communication style when it comes to his or her sales strategy or in any other area. We all have our own personalities and I recognize that not everyone fits into a gender mold. For the purpose of this article, however, I will generalize a bit based on the research that I’ve read (which also recognizes that not all men and women fit into one mold).

Communication Style Impacts Sales Strategy

When it comes to sales strategy, men and women differ in several ways and it really comes down to communication style.  Men tend to communicate with less words and get right to the point. That is not new information, but did you know that men are often times better question askers? They typically ask more pointed and concise questions and do a better job at getting the necessary information more quickly than their female counterparts. Men also incorporate better listening skills into their sales strategy. They are simply interested in gathering information.

While it might sound like the men have the better sales strategy, women possess a few qualities that are beneficial to making the sale, as well. Women ask good, qualified questions and unlike men they may ask questions which they already know the answer to. Why would they do such a thing? Women are more relationship driven. They recognize the importance of creating a rapport as part of their sales strategy. Females in sales also do a great job when it comes to resolving any presented issues. They see the value of harmony , strive to keep it, and will work for it. If a potential customer points out an issue, women are more likely to talk through a solution in regards to the issue.

So, who has the better sales strategy? The truth is, both men and women apply useful sales tactics that work well for them. Additionally, studies show that both genders are equally satisfied with their jobs. If you are in need of strategies that will increase sales, contact Tandem Marketing & Design at 717-324-8389 or visit our website. The Tandem Team is made up of  professionals of both genders who will talk with you and create a plan that will not disappoint.

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