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Your Website is the Informational Hub of Your Business

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Your Website is the Informational Hub of Your Business


Your website is the informational hub of your business. Your customers, friends, family and even your competitors will go on your website and checkout your products and services. Will your competition be envious of your website design, or will they be confident that their brand is better? In the sales cycle, potential customers research their options, then make a purchase. If they go on your website, will they move on to another, or stop and engage? How did they find you? Search engines, blog posts and social media outlets are all good reasons they landed on your website. One way to attract visitors is through the use of keywords. Keywords are the factor of returned results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing . Perhaps you were found from a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter post. The reason they landed on your website is because of returned, value added content, or organic content.

Your Website Content is Important

Once a potential customer becomes accustomed to your products and services, they begin responding to, “call-to-actions”, including contact forms, and download buttons. This helps you retrieve their information, which is the first step to obtaining a new client. A quality, informative website design will keep customers entertained and bring them back. They will begin to see you as a resource for their needs. Quality, organic content pulls potential customers to your site, and naturally converts them from a prospect, to a customer. Your website design says a lot about your personality, and your company. Are you cutting edge? Do you want your clients to feel like they’re looking at future trends? Or, are you more traditional in your values? There is a wide variety of potential website designs, and you certainly want your website design to appeal to your focus audience. Keeping your website updated is an ongoing cycle. It takes time and a lot of thought. Who doesn’t want to keep current customers coming back for more, while attracting new customers? Tandem Marketing & Design, LLC’s analytic tools, which are part of the website design package, will help us focus on the right content to appeal to prospective clients.

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