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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018

What is Content Creation?

content creation

You might wonder exactly what content creation is and why it’s important. In the marketing world, content refers to words and imagery that is used to convey a message. It is important because it will influence those who view it, obviously. The process of content creation is the development of relevant, valuable, and consistent information for the use of marketing a product or service.

More About Content Creation

Have you ever heard of the 30 second rule? Studies have shown and proven that a business has less than 30 seconds to capture the attention of any given audience. According to Entrepreneur magazine, it doesn’t matter which media outlet is used, whether it is your website, a TV commercial, or your latest email campaign, you only have 30 seconds to use your good quality content creation to capture the audience. The words you use must drive buyer’s behavior toward your product or service. It’s human nature to place tremendous significance on the written word. Pictures, are equally important, and must visually relate to the words in the copy. Writing always legitimizes and validates your ideas. Imagery represents objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to your physical senses. If all goes well, content creation makes a positive difference in your bottom line.

The content on your website, social updates, blog posts, brochures, product sell sheets as well as email campaigns, all have the same purpose… to move product or sell your services. The role of content creation in these marketing tools is to inform potential customers, and produce results. Your words and images are the catalyst to encourage buying, stimulate interaction, and close the sale.

Content creation effects most aspects of your business or organization. Anything that’s promoted on your website, downloaded, emailed, or posted to your social media outlets.

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