How Many Touchpoints Are Needed for the Sale?

How Many Touchpoints Are Needed for the Sale?

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How Many Touchpoints Are Needed for the Sale?


Do you have a guess as to how many touchpoints are needed before you make the sale? Maybe I should ask if you know what a touchpoint is. A touchpoint is an effort to communicate with the one who will make a decision to move forward with the purchase of your service or product. Read on to find out how many touchpoints it does take to make the sale.

The Process of Touchpoints & Making the Sale

If you consider the typical decision maker with a business or organization, you recognize that he or she is very busy. They have little to no spare time. It is really not a mystery why the first touchpoint with this person doesn’t make their radar. Whether you have tried to contact them in person or via phone call or email, which are the proper methods for a first contact, the first touchpoint does not usually generate a response.

So, let’s move on to the second touchpoint. This effort to make contact should be a different method than your first contact. If you stopped by your desired client’s office first, the best course of action for the second touchpoint is to send an email or follow up with a phone call. During your second touchpoint, show that you know something unique about the business or organization. This will show that you really are interested in partnering with them. 

From this point the process gets more involved. You will need to step up your game a bit with each contact. Feel free to add reaching out via social media at this point, particularly if the business is an online business. You may not have fully gotten the decision makers attention on touchpoint one or two, but when you make touchpoint three, he or she will take notice to your efforts. With each additional effort to communicate and make the sale, include clear and concise information about your business or service and how it can help their business. You will want to let them know that you will follow up each effort and let them know exactly how you plan to follow up. According to the American Marketing Association, it takes seven to eight touchpoints before the sale is made. This number can change based on the type of service or product you provide. Don’t give up your efforts for lack of response. Most times it takes just one more try to make a difference and get the attention of your next client.

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