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The Fourth of July is a Great Time to Celebrate Our Nation and Connect with Potential Clients

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The Fourth of July is a Great Time to Celebrate Our Nation and Connect with Potential Clients

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As the Fourth of July approaches, we thought it might be helpful to give you some ideas about how to use the holiday to connect with potential clients. Now, we are not suggesting that you obnoxiously promote your business at your neighborhood picnic, but we are suggesting that you use the ideas below to make the most of our nation’s Birthday.

Attend Activities and Draw In Potential Clients

Does your town hold special events on the Fourth of July? Perhaps there is a parade, a contest, a show, or another patriotic activity. A great way to promote your business is to find out what special activities are going on in your community or the surrounding area and then contact those who organize the event and ask if your business can become a sponsor. You would be surprised at how many event organizers are just waiting for someone to come out of the woodwork, give them some funding, and sponsor their event. Don’t just assume that because there has never been a sponsor before that there is no room for one. You just never know until you ask. Another way to promote your business is to simply show up and rub elbows with a few people you’ve never met before. It is inevitable that your occupation will become the topic with at least a few people and you will make a connection with a potential client.

Kick Off a Sale or Giveaway

The Fourth of July is a great time to kick off a sale or giveaway. Honestly, people are looking for such things at this time of year. Take advantage of this time to promote a sale you’ve been thinking about having. Post the sale on social media in advance so customers have time to prepare to visit your store or website or do whatever it is they need to do to take advantage of the sale. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a giveaway. Again, social media is your friend. Promote the giveaway on social media or use social media to make your giveaway happen. Warning: Be sure to check all social media rules and regulations if you tie your giveaway into a social media venue, such as “Like and share this post to qualify to win a $500 gift card on the Fourth of July”.

If you need help promoting your business this Fourth of July, contact the professionals at Tandem Marketing & Design. We are well prepared with ideas for any business who wants to boost sales as we celebrate our independence. Call us today at 717-324-8389 or visit our website for additional information about our services.


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